iCasaMia and aCasaMia are APPs that now allow you to program the domino system using iOS and Android devices. By connecting to a DFAPP gateway you can now immediately get into contact with the modules you have in your home. DFAPP has an integrated access point to cope with the problems arising from a lack of data network on.

Building automation (CONTATTO SYSTEM)

Today it is possible to design the construction of a building by integrating and computerizing all of the system resources. The traditional design of a building, therefore, with its construction and structural needs is integrated by the creation of a computer system thanks to which the performances are optimized, the management and the interaction of the systems is organized.


Building automation allows the coexistence and interaction of the electric and electronic systems of your home so that the anti-intrusion, climate regulation, load control, lighting, home theater, irrigation, etc. systems can talk to each other to optimize operation according to demand.

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