Cyber Security

Recent research has shown that the Utility sector is increasing vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Steps taken toward digitalization and the Cloud have exposed vulnerabilities in industrial control systems and sensors of which both power and water utilities make extensive use. Exciting new technologies and business models being used within the Utility sector to improve customer experience, reduce waste and enable efficiencies are creating a multitude of new vulnerabilities and attack surfaces. From electric car charging infrastructures, to smart meters and smart homes new attack surfaces are multiplying exponentially. The potential consequences of a successful attack on automated or robotic systems could be catastrophic — including disruption of operations, the loss of sensitive data, as well as service reliability and quality issues, not to mention public safety risks.

Utility cyber solutions need to be able to meet these challenges and address:

  • Extensive use of operational technology that was not designed to be connected to the Internet and lacks robust built-in security
  • Integrate with and protect legacy technology and systems which are not practical to rip out and replace
  • Protect ICS & SCADA systems, sensors as well as traditional networks and an extended enterprise including contractors
  • Provide secure yet reliable connectivity for remote workers connected through mobile devices
  • Enable digitalization and allow secure Cloud usage
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Why Electritech Technology for the Utility Sector

  • Comprehensive cyber security in one flexible, modular and cost-effective platform
  • Complete multi-layer protection from the end-point through the cloud, encompassing the sensor and SCADA level to the Network and extended enterprise
  • Seamless integration within existing / legacy networks and legacy devices
  • Flexible deployment options including software only or software & hardware models
  • Military-grade yet fast and efficient encryption is suitable for even very low-latency environments
  • Power Distribution Legacy Systems Security
  • End-point security via the Cloud
  • Secure Video Monitoring and Surveying of Physical Plant and Asset Fields via Drones
  • Secure Remote Access for Control and Monitoring of Critical Systems & Sensors
  • Secure Mobile Communications for Field Service Engineers and other remote workers
  • Secure Voice Over IP Communication
  • Threat Detection / Management

Key Considerations for the Utility Sector

Much of the world's Critical Infrastructure data is now deployed on Cloud servers, predominantly either Amazon Cloud (AWS) or a Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our solutions enable secure point-to-point and end-to-end Cloud-based operations and secure monitoring.
Our solutions for the Utility sector are specifically designed to protect ICS and SCADA infrastructure including, IloT industrial systems, machine-to-machine interaction (M2M) and the more traditional legacy systems.
Increasingly senior executives using tablets and mobile phones, field service personnel using tablets and hardened field diagnostic devices and even drone based video inspection of critical assets are often using unencrypted communication channels which are, therefore, vulnerable. Our Mobile Solution uses military-grade encryption to secure VoIP, email, video, chat and file exchange on all commercially available smartphones, tablets and other specialist devices including smart meters, PLC's, and drones throughout the business.
As Smart City infrastructure, IOT, and other unifying technologies continue to grow, so will vulnerabilities. We take the business of understanding and providing cyber security now, and in the future, as seriously as you take the business of understanding the future of power.
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