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Cyber Security

  • Comprehensive cyber security in one flexible, modular and cost-effective platform
  • Complete multi-layer protection from the end-point through the cloud, encompassing the sensor and SCADA level to the Network and extended enterprise
  • Seamless integration within existing / legacy networks and legacy devices
  • Flexible deployment options including software only or software & hardware models
  • Military-grade yet fast and efficient encryption is suitable for even very low-latency environments

Why Electritech Technology for the Utility Sector

Recent research has shown that the Utility sector is increasing vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Steps taken toward digitalization and the Cloud have exposed vulnerabilities in industrial control systems and sensors of which both power and water utilities make extensive use. Exciting new technologies and business models being used within the Utility sector to improve customer experience, reduce waste and enable efficiencies are creating a multitude of new vulnerabilities and attack surfaces. From electric car charging infrastructures, to smart meters and smart homes new attack surfaces are multiplying exponentially. The potential consequences of a successful attack on automated or robotic systems could be catastrophic — including disruption of operations, the loss of sensitive data, as well as service reliability and quality issues, not to mention public safety risks.

What We Offer ?  NGFW  Firewalls

  • Fortinet FortiGate
  • Palo Alto Networks PA Series

What We Offer ?   Trusted & Advance Encryption VPNs

  • Infotecs
  • OpenVPN
  • SoftEther
  • AnyConnect

What We Offer ?  hardware-enforced security

  • OWL  Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC
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Cyber Forensics

  • Computer Forensics

  • Mobile devices forensics

  • Internet forensics

  • Network forensics

  • Database forensics

  • Persistent threats or suspicious processes and activities
  • Email system
  • Security Breaches
  • Security controls
  • Network design and configuration
  • Internal processes and policies

Our digital forensics services are affordable to customers of all sizes.

Computer Forensics

Our efficient forensic team can help you figure out the current state of your computer and obtain evidence from it. After thoroughly examining your internet history and system logs, we extract the important data from your device.

Here is a list of the artifacts that we extract from such investigations:

  • File Transfer Logs
  • Text Communication Logs
  • Internet Browsing History
  • Pictures, Videos, Music, and Graphics
  • Checking System logs and Event Logs
  • Sensitive Spreadsheets and Documents
  • Hidden, Temporary, Password-Protected, and Deleted Files
  • Checking Pirated, Legitimate, or Illicit Software Installation

Mobile Forensics

In order to retrieve digital evidence from mobile devices, you can reach out to our Digital Forensics Services. We efficiently investigate text messages and call logs including detecting location via cell site logs or GPS. Additionally, we help to investigate other communication stores like Whatsapp, WeChat, and BBM etc.

Other artifacts that you can retrieve with us:

  • Emails, SMS, IRC Chat Logs
  • GPS and Location-Based Data
  • Outgoing and Incoming Call Logs
  • Service Provider and Phone Number Information
  • Contact Details from Calendars and Address Books

Network Forensics

Similarly, we monitor and detect WAN/LAN and internet traffic at the packet level. Also, retrieving and analyzing logs from multiple resources fall under our services. So connect with us for determining the extent of the intrusion with our forensic experts.

Forensic Data Analysis

If you are looking forward to investigating financial frauds and correlating the financial data, let us know. Our forensic team works with the Certified Fraud Examiners to detect the fraudulent activities and help you recover your important computer data.

Undoubtedly, all kinds of litigation employ digital evidence effectively. Whether it’s a criminal defense case, work environment issues or an intellectual property matter, our forensic investigators recover all the evidence efficiently.

Perks of Choosing our Digital Forensic Services

Undoubtedly, our digital forensic team is dedicated to carrying out various projects relating to digital forensic activities. Our efficient experts co-operate with law enforceable authorities in the forensic investigation. Similarly, we also involve ourselves in internal corporate investigations for our valuable clients.

You can expect the following from our Digital Forensic Services:

  • Constant remote assistance
  • An immediate response from our end
  • 100% guaranteed forensic investigation
  • Instant initiative for digital forensic data recovery
  • 24*7 online support services with online live-chat session
  • Easy communication means like emails, text messages and phone calls

Penetration Testing

  • External Testing

  • Internal Testing

  • Blind Testing

  • Double-blind Testing

  • Targeted Testing

A penetration test is a crucial component to network security. Through these tests a business can identify:

  1. Security vulnerabilities before a hacker does
  2. Gaps in information security compliance
  3. The response time of their information security team, i.e. how long it takes the team to realize that there is a breach and mitigate the impact
  4. The potential real-world effect of a data breach or cybersecurity attack
  5. Actionable remediation guidance

Information is invaluable, regardless of the industry or sector you are involved in. Financial records, contracts, business information, important documents – it has become a standard business practice to store digital copies of files like these in digital storage for future reference as well as recording purposes. However, since this information is often stored in a piece of hardware, there is the danger of the hardware failing to function at some point due to the wear and tear of regular use.

In cases like this, it is imperative to have a means to recover information stored in storage media. If you if you are looking for reliable data recovery services, Dubai is home to one of the most reliable companies in data security and recovery today – Electritech Technology.

Electritech Technology utilises the most advanced systems and protocols to retrieve information stored in corrupted or damaged secondary storage hardware and removable storage media during instances in which the files cannot be accessed through conventional means. We are capable of retrieving data from storage media, such as internal hard drives, external hard disks, solid-state drives, flash drives, compact discs, digital versatile discs, and various other electronic devices.

With us, you can rest assured that you can save any important information or files you have stored in your computer with our successful track record in hard disk data recovery. Dubai is one of the most tech-progressive cities in the region, as it poses to become the international economic hub in the Middle East. With the growing use and integration of digital storage media in business processes within the city comes the need for data retrieval companies in Dubai. Make sure you partner with the right firm to ensure the safety of your data.

For industry-leading data recovery in UAE , look no further than Electritech Technology. To find out more, contact us today.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in UAE

A hard disk drive is a hardware that is used to store and retrieve data on your computer and laptops. It is a non-volatile storage medium, so it is widely used to store data. It is used to store personal as well as professional data. But suppose if you lose all your data in it due to some logical failure, physical damage or sudden due crash of hard drive. And you don’t even have its backup. You now don’t need to panic. We provide you with a 100% Hard drive data recovery guarantee.

We offer you multiple solutions to recover your lost data. Our technicians have the practice of working with external as well as internal hard drives of all models and sizes. We will recover your vital data no matter how complicated the case is. We assure you that we grant you the best data recovery service in UAE.

Reasons Behind Crashing of Hard Disk

The hard disk can be corrupted due to many reasons. Some of the scenarios are listed below-

  1. Unintentional deletion of critical files.
  2. Hard drive failure due to a faulty power supply
  3. OS Re-installation.
  4. Damaged or deleted MBR
  5. Physical damage to the hard disk.
  6. Corrupted files.
  7. Accidental update of data/files

Why are we Different?

Hard drives can corrupt due to varieties of causes like crashing or physical damage. Our team is capable enough to protect or recover your lost data. We use non- destructive methods to retrieve your data like drive cloning. In this, we pick up the data sector by sector and then work on it. This ensures the safety of the authentic drive structure. Providing the best service to our customer is our main agenda.

How Do We Work?

Bring your Stuff to us:

You can bring your hard drive to our Hard drive data recovery service center, or you can also schedule a free pick up service. Our team representative will come to your location to collect it. We are available 24X7.

Diagnosis of your Device:

Our technicians will diagnose your hard disk. They will explain to you the issue and our pricing policy. If you are unsatisfied with the cost, no problem we are happy to provide you with a diagnosis.

Recover your Files:

If you are satisfied with the cost, our technician will start working to recover your lost data. We will surely recover it as soon as possible.

How to Reach Us?

We are available 24X7 in your service. You may contact us by writing an email or by calling us .

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions and Answers

Typical external hard drive recovery questions

We do a lot of free diagnostics on recovering external hard drives. Here is the typical scenario:

Customer Query: My computer no longer recognizes my external hard drive. I need help.

Our Data Recovery Team: Yes, take it to our laboratory in UAE ,We carry out a free diagnostic.

Customer  Query : How much does it cost?

Our Data Recovery  Team: It’s all based on the seriousness of the problem / damage.

Then, the customer enters our store and we start to run the diagnostics. Here are some things that tell the client before starting the diagnostic process.

Our Data Recovery Team: There will be opening the piece of plastic case of your external hard drive. This will allow us to determine if the problem lies only with the housing piece or with the current internal hard drive. It is usually the hard drive.

Since the hard disk case has no screws, we would have to break the case to get to the disk.

Customer Query : How long will the diagnostic of external hard drive recovery take?

Our Data Recovery Team: We’ll let you know in the next few hours. We will evaluate when the disk scan is finished and we will quote you.

Customer : If I don’t want to proceed, what will the cost be?

Our Data Recovery Team:: It is a free diagnostic. There is no obligation. We will give you the cost. If you do not wish to proceed, there is no cost.

Customer Query r : If I decide to proceed, but it’s not possible to recover the files, do I still have to pay?

Our Data Recovery Team: Absolutely not. No data, no cost. We are results-oriented. It’s like going to the pet shop. If you don’t take a puppy at home, should you still pay for one?

Some other questions are:

Customer Query : Where will my recovered data be saved?

Our Data Recovery Team: You can buy a new external hard drive or you can transfer it to your PC.

Client Query: Last question, what happens if you recover only some files and not all. Do I still have to pay the full asking price?

Our Data Recovery Team: We are reasonable and the proportional distribution of costs will be carried out accordingly. If we were able to recover only half of the files, we will be obliged to pay 50%. That being said, if 90% of your files, including the priority files, are recovered and we were able to recover some temporary internet files, then it would be considered a successful recovery. Once again, we are results-oriented and will pay for these.

If you want to try the award-winning external hard drive data recovery service, we welcome you to go to our Office or Call .

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