DRAGON PTN with HiProvision

MPLS-TP Product Family with Network Provisioning System

This backbone device, configured using HiProvision provisioning software, offers a reliable, packet-based MPLS-TP technology to transport mission-critical data through large networks.

  • Ensure dedicated bandwidth with low-cost & interoperable MPLS-TP technology.
  • Easily configure and manage complex networks with intuitive provisioning software.
  • Fully redundant system with multiple switching modules and power supply options.
  • Seamlessly integrate legacy systems through variety of redundant interface card options.
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  • MPLS-TP technology delivers dedicated bandwidth for different services and 50ms protection switching
  • HiProvision software for easy configuration and management of large transmission networks
  • Industrial HiVision integration for backbone and access network
  • Variety of interface modules and port types to ensure flexibility and seamless integration of legacy systems
  • Resilient against harsh conditions with operating temperatures varying from -30 °C to +65 °C
  • Redundant central switching modules and power supplies guarantee high network availability

Your Benefits

Complete, Future-Proof Networking System

DRAGON PTN with HiProvision offers a fully integrated Ethernet-based backbone transmission system. Due to Ethernet’s simplicity, interoperability, predictability and cost efficiency, these networks are becoming more popular than legacy technologies.
MPLS-TP provisioning is similar to SDH/SONET provisioning, but comes with a powerful network management system that makes it easier to provision and maintain the network. It guarantees bandwidth with the same deterministic behavior as SDH/SONET eliminating their disadvantages for packet based communication. Using MPLS-TP engineers can gradually migrate networks using limited resources. The new DRAGON PTN with HiProvision solution enables engineers to configure their networks effectively and be better prepared for future technology changes.
The cost efficient DRAGON PTN network node is offered in fully modular variants and can be configured as a completely redundant system through central switching modules and power supplies, which means administrators can ensure network availability in case of device or path failure.
With DRAGON PTN, customers get a complete, integrated solution for managing their networks from a single vendor, with MPLS-TP in the backbone layer and Layer 2 and 3 technologies, like MRP, in the access layer. With its fully modular design, DRAGON PTN with HiProvision is ready for use in extreme and harsh industrial environments.


DRAGON PTN with HiProvision is extremely valuable for scenarios where engineers need the ability to predict the behavior of data as it goes across the network. MPLS-TP technology in the new device family guarantees bandwidth and makes it easy for engineers to deploy services inside the network including redundant data transmission.


Due to the device’s impressive deterministic capabilities, DRAGON PTN with HiProvision is best suited for transportation environments, including mass transit systems, railway and metro stations. The device is also ideal for other harsh, industrial environments that rely on mission-critical data transfer, including power transmission and distribution and oil and gas applications.

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