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Core Node for Large Networks
Core DRAGON PTN2215 with high capacity CSM540A (720 Gbit/s)
15 high capacity slots compatible with existing and new interface cards
2 x 9-L3A-L interface slots (14 Gbit/s backplane connection)
2 x 9-L3EA-L extension slots
All slots ready for future high speed Ethernet/IP cards (16-GE-L / 16-L3A-L)
WAN options
GE via 4-GC-LW / 4-GO-LW
10G via 1-10G-LW or 4-10G-LW (New)
40G via 1-40G-LW WAN unit (New)


1 Node Support Module
2 Central Switching Module
10 Interface Module
2 Power Supply Module


1 Node Support Module
2 Central Switching Module
6 Interface Module
2 Power Supply Module


1 Node Support Module
1Central Switching Module
4 Interface Module
1 Power Supply Module

  • Ethernet / MPLS up to 10Gb/s
  • T1/E1
  • C37.94
  • SONET/SDH via smart SFPs
  • Serial / Optical serial
  • Analogue voice

What we do

Consultancy and Design Proposal

Electritech Technology is available to assist customers meet their emerging smart communication and Cyber Security solution needs. We can initially develop the system concept design in a vendor agnostic manner to allow for the most cost-effective solution. Further consultancy would be to develop the Front-End Engineering Design documentation to facilitate the tendering process.

Detailed Design and Engineering

We have a in-house team to provide detailed design, from GA, FDS, Conceptual Drawings, Link Budgets etc. All network modernization/transformation projects begin with an assessment of the existing network and an understanding of current and future requirements. Electritech has vast knowledge of both legacy and next-generation network technologies, and can provide practical advice for the evolution of telecommunications infrastructure. We place an emphasis on leveraging existing network infrastructure, thereby keeping network investment to a minimum, while continuing to meet your business needs.

Project Management

Electritech has a strong project management team who deliver simple and complex projects within specified time line and specified budget. We are creating tasks, organizational structure, manpower planning, to achieve all the project execution on time.

Integration & FAT

Electritech has integration facility, where we pre-stage technologies including MPLS, SDH, PDH, WDM, Wireless, VoIP, Firewalls and NMS solutions. By bringing together all aspects of the network, we are able to do equipment configurations, and ensure all on-site activities progress without any delay. We conduct factory acceptance testing FAT of all our solutions. This becomes a performance benchmark for the network once it is installed. Our field teams are trained to operate in challenging and remote environments. We are experienced in working in areas such as electricity substations. Our depth of practical experience allows us to overcome challenges in field and deliver robust network infrastructure.

Installation & Commissioning and Training

Electritech has trained engineers and supervisors who are capable to install the integrated solution on site and provide a local and end to end commissioning of the system according to actual client service communication needs. During and after the local and end to end commissioning, Electritech will provide an extensive training to the client.

Support , Operation and Maintenance

At Electritech, we provide 24x7 operations support, TAC, for our clients. Electritech provides annual OAM contracts as well as part project maintenance contracts.

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